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Q: Che cosa significa coddle?
A: To baby or treat someone as a child.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con coddle.
A: I'm feeling cold
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con coddle.
A: “his mother is overprotective. she coddles him too much.”

“i was coddled as a child, so i never learned how to do my own laundry.”

“boiled eggs are too firm for me, so i coddle them.”

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra coddle e mollycoddle ?
A: the difference between mollycoddle and coddle -as verbs

is that mollycoddle is to be overprotective and indulgent toward; to pamper
coddle is to treat gently or with great care.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra coddle e fond of ?
A: coddle = spoil, give someone everything they want, treat like a small baby
fond of = like something very much

Jessica is fond of her new dog (= she likes it very much). She is constantly posting pictures of the dog on Instagram.

Jessica is coddling her new dog (= giving the dog many things). She feeds the dog expensive food and buys lots of toys for it and brings it to a groomer every week.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra coddle e spoil ?
A: To coddle someone is to be very overprotective of that person. Almost treating them like a child.

To spoil someone is to be too nice that person. Usually in the context of a child who gets anything they want.

"Your son is 19, you shouldn't coddle him so much."

" If you buy her whatever she wants, you're going to spoil her."

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? coddle
A: American accent.

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Q: to coddle somebody ,does it mean to spoil him?

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