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Q: Che cosa significa What are colophons?
A dictionary said it is “imprint, a publisher’s emblem”, but I think it has also another meaning. This word is from sentences of an article which is talking about Chinese painting.

A: Wikipedia says it's "a brief statement containing information about the publication of a book such as the place of publication, the publisher, and the date of publication." It often includes the publisher's emblem, but the main function is to describe information about the book's publication. However, the same article later says "Colophons can be categorized into four groups.[7] Assertive colophons provide the contextual information about the scribe and manuscript. Expressive colophons demonstrate the scribe's feelings and wishes. Directive colophons make the reader do something, and the declarative colophons do something with the reader." It also goes on to describe colophons that were used in the past, such as a repeated phrase in the New Testament that declares that the author copied the text true and correctly, so apparently it can mean any sort of comment on the text not made by the actual author of the text. I hope that helps, because I don't think the word has any other sort of meaning.

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