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Q: Che cosa significa I started cataloguing the contents of the fridge.?
A: To catalogue: to make a systematic list of
Q: Che cosa significa Such were the contents of the calls.?
A: Agenda of the call/meeting(Daily status)

-what is the status of a particular task?
-what is the estimated time of completion of the task?
-issues or concerns faced by individuals in completing the task

So here the above 3 points will be the contents that were discussed in a call/meeting
Q: Che cosa significa what can you tell about its contents and structure from the textbook? ?
A: Hm, my Japanese isn’t good yet, but I’ll still try to help you:

Contents = 内容
Structure = 体制
Textbook = 教科書
to tell = 伝える

I can’t put it into a full sentence, I’m sorry, I hope you find this still helpful? (-:
Q: Che cosa significa contents?
A: As a noun, it means the things that are inside of something.

The contents of this box are: a brush, paper, a pen, and a phone.
Those things are contained in/inside of the box.

Parole simili a "Contents" e le sue differenze

Q: Qual è la differenza tra contents e ingredients ?
A: "Contents" may refer to any individual items in any collection. "The contents of her bag." "The contents of his refrigerator."

"Ingredients" specifically refers to the individual items that go into making food. "The ingredients for a pizza." "Are these ingredients kosher?"
Q: Qual è la differenza tra The contents of questions we receive change every month. e The contents of questions we receive vary every month. ?
A: Change and vary are both fine! Change is more emphasized on how different the questions are from each other or how the questions have become different (maybe in 2018 people ask more about the color of the product and in 2019 people ask more about the size). Vary is more emphasized on the variety of questions.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra i checked the contents of his bag e i checked the contents in his bag ?
A: The first sentence would mean you examined the contents of the bag, but not the bag itself (like you took the contents out of the bag). The second sentence would mean to check the contents of the bag and the bag. You’re checking the contents of the bag inside the bag.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra contents e content ?
A: This is a complicated question because "content" and "contents" have many definitions but usually:
Contents is something that is contained (in something)
"the contents in the box"
"contents of the suitcase"

Content is usually used to mean creative material or information
"the website doesn't have much content"
"I need to think of more content for the book I am writing

Traduzionde di "Contents"

Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? contents
A: 内容の翻訳の発音:
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? He contents of talk doesn't make sense He's a liar! Is it correct sentance?
A: thankyou!so!much!
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? avaient-ils l'air contents de revoir leurs amis?
A: Do they seem happy to see their friends again?
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? that picture’s contents. I’ve learned basic English. Could you tell me is this right??
A: Q1. Don't use 'and' or 'because' at the beginning of a sentence.
Q2. Add 'a' before dormitory and remove 'a' before breakfast.
Q3. Replace 'on' with 'by'.
Q4. Remove 'so'
Q6. Replace the second full stop with a comma and write the 'but' with a lowercase 'b'. Remove 'and' at the beginning of the sentence and add 'also' after 'I' in the second last sentence. Add 'the' after 'on'

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Q: "I recall the contents of my classes everyday. And I try to fix my sentences what I told incorrectly in my classes." sembra naturale?
A: “I remember what I did in class each day, and try to fix any sentences I spoke incorrectly.”

“Everyday after class, I recall what I learned and try to correct any mistakes I made during class.”
Q: What is the contents of a English textbook used by junior high school in Viet Nam? Also, Where the countries are introduced in it? sembra naturale?
A: Yes! That sounds better!
Q: The contents are roughly estimated before and after the story sembra naturale?
A: Grammatically natural, but I need context of the sentence to understand it.
Q: We want to contend that [specific contents].
In order to so contend, we have to prepare...

Does this "in order to so contend" sound natural?
A: It's formal, almost to the point of being stilted. It might work in very academic papers, but it's not conversational at all.
Q: We can first compare the contents of biblical story and murals where different. sembra naturale?
A: First, we can compare where the contents of the biblical story and the murals are different, to help us understand what is being chosen by Fra Filippo.

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