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Q: Che cosa significa Hold up a convoy?
A: Hold up means Stop or Delay

A convoy is a group of traveling ships or cars or camels or trucks (and similar vehicles) with people inside.

Could you provide more context? Is the convoy traveling for war? For buying and selling? For relocating to new homes?
Q: Che cosa significa convoys ?
Q: Che cosa significa means??
A: 'Convoy' is used in the military to describe vehicles. To 'stage' means to put something in a place while you wait to move it to another place. In other words, it means "no parking" in military language.

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Q: "It was hit by a torpedo while on convoy duty off Iceland."

Could you explain what means "while on convoy duty off Iceland", please?
A: It means that the ship was part of a group of ships. A “convoy” usually means “a group of”, and they would usually be taking items or people from one place to another. So, “on convoy duty” in this case most likely means “part of a group of ships, taking something or someone from one place to another”

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