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Q: Che cosa significa cootie?
A: Cooties are a superstition held by small children. They believe that if they kiss someone they will catch cooties, which are some kind of disease or infestation of insects.
Q: Che cosa significa the cooties?
A: Yes, it's a game. It is used in the United States and Canada as an infection tag game (such as Humans vs. Zombies).

Cooties are also an imaginary affliction from childhood.
"When children reach the age where they notice the sexes are different the children claim a member of the opposite sex will give you "cooties" if they touch you. Its a way of little girls telling other little girls not to play with boys and vice versa.

- Did you play with little Jimmy? Ooow, you are going to get cooties.
by claymuir October 03, 2005"
From Urban Dictionary.

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Q: Che cosa significa what's mean a 'cooties'??
A: Cooties is not a real thing.
When boys are young they say girls have cooties, and any boy who touches a girl gets their cooties. It's kind of like a game.
Young Girl: come play with me.
Young Boy: Eww I don't want to get cooties.
Q: Che cosa significa she said to me.

"I want your cooties right now"

'cooties'?? what does this mean??
A: Cooties is a fictional childhood disease that many kids mess around and say when referring to being disgusted or grossed out by the opposite gender. Ex:
Little Boy: “Ew, I’m not sitting next to Sally, she has cooties!!!”

If the girl you’re talking to is saying she wants your cooties, she most likely wants to be close to you and yeah... I’d need more context, but she probably means it in a sexual or intimate manner depending on the situation.
Q: Che cosa significa cooties?
A: Cooties is a word used by children. If a someone young likes someone else (this person can be young) often one of the young children could say, "Eww, he/she has cooties!!" It's kind of like an excuse to not go up to the person you like because your nervous.
But again, this is a very childish phrase.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra cootie e louse ?
A: None both make itch.

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Q: does 'cootie' refer to both hair lice and pubic lice...?
A: It originally referred to all lice, but now it’s more commonly associated with public lice/STDs (or STIs as they say now)

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