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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? it is coreect to say maria on thuesday she meet friends instead of me I work hard
A: Maria met (past) / is meeting (future) friends on Thursday instead of me.

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Q: Which one is coreect "Kindness to each other." or "Kindness to one another."?
A: they both mean the same thing
Q: Which one is coreect?
a. I want to know where you're going
b. I want to know where you're going to

maybe both..?
A: Thanks Keanu :)
Q: Which is coreect? 'brought' or 'have brought'?😊

I brought some books. I will show you now.

I have brought some books. I will show you now.
A: Both are correct and have the same meaning. The second part should be "I'll show them to you now."
Q: is this wrong? coreect me please

I made you another question yesterday but i dont know if you answered me. It was about if were you [...]
A: I asked you another question yesterday. But, I don't know if you were...
Q: can you help me coreect my pronounciation . does it sound natural . thank you sembra naturale?

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