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Q: Che cosa significa coveted?
A: Desire/want.
Q: Che cosa significa highly coveted?
A: @thi4802: A "highly coveted" thing is something that many people want very much.

For example: The new iPhone is a highly coveted item; so many people line up for several hours just to be the first few ones to get it.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con coveted.
A: To covet something means you want it and desire it desperately. When reading these next examples, you can replace the word "coveted" with the word "wanted" and it will mean the same thing. Coveted just has a stronger implication.

"He coveted his brother's wife."
(He wanted his brother's wife)

"She coveted the promotion."
(She wanted the promotion)

"They coveted money even though they already had more than enough."
(They wanted money even though they already had more than enough)

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Q: coveted sembra naturale?
A: Not bad, your second reading had better pronunciation 😀

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