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Q: Che cosa significa crutch word?
A: It is essentially "filler word" such as um, uh, like, etc. However "crutch word" reinforces the idea that they impede communication and should be avoided/taken care of with an evident negative connotation.
Q: Che cosa significa crutches?
Q: Che cosa significa crutches ?
A: support sticks when you injured your leg
Q: Che cosa significa The more crutches you have, the more it hurts when they're kicked out from under ya?
A: Well, let's say you have 2 crutches instead of one, that means you have more of a serious injury, compared to a person with 1 crutch. If someone were to kick your crutches from under you, that would mean you'd get more hurt than someone who only needs 1 crutch.
Q: Che cosa significa it is a crutch?
A: A "Crutch" Literal meaning is the stick people who can't use their legs well balance on in between their arms

In the context you're using it means
-A support
-A helper

"Your teachers are a crutch for your education"
"Your parents are a crutch for your life"

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? crutch
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? crutch
A: It is very important to say this word with an "uh" sound. If you say it with an "ah" sound, it sounds like a very different word. :)

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Q: It feels like a crutch. It is not funny any more.

What does "feel like a crutch" mean?
A: Feels like a crutch means it is something you lean on when you’re hurt or weak.

When a person had a broken leg, they use a crutch to stabilize themselves.

“John broke his leg, and now he uses a crutch to walk around.”

In this example, feels like a crutch means the person is not physically hurt, but they cannot help themselves and need to lean on someone or something to keep going.

“Every time rent is due, I have to ask my parents for help. It feels like a crutch, and it’s not funny anymore.”
Q: What do "crushes" "crutch" and "gets a lot of play" mean in this sentence?
"She does open mics and she crushes. A lot of ethnic material, which I think is a crutch and that one story gets a lot of play."
A: “Crushes” is an informal way of saying “does very well”. “Crutch” is something you rely on to help with a weakness, a negative thing in your sentence.
Q: She was walking on crutches. sembra naturale?
A: She was walking with the aid/help of crutches :)
Q: I heard that he was using a crutch, but where did he get hurt? Legs or back?
sembra naturale?
A: Sounds perfect to me!
Q: I've been walking on a crutch since I sprained my ankle last week, and now I have a particularly hard time getting on and off trains. sembra naturale?
A: 'I've been walking with a crutch' is the correct way to say it, but everything else is correct. 'On' implies that you might be standing on it haha.

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