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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con dejected and depressed. Are they different ?.
A: Depression is usually a long lasting mental state where dejected is usually short term. Depression can also be a condition that can be diagnosed by a medical professional where as dejection is not.

Example 1: I was depressed for a long time after my parents got divorced.
Example 2. He was prescribed anti-depressants to help him cope with his depression after the horrible tragedy.
Example 3: I'm so depressed because I am stuck in this dead end job with no hope for advancement and my boss is a jerk.
Example 4: I felt dejected when I did not get the job, but a week later I got one that was even better.
Example 5: I was dejected after I asked her out on a date and she said no.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra dejected e depressed ?
A: dejected is sad and dispirited while depressed is unhappy, and blaming oneself rather than others; despondent. Also being dejected would be something that lasts for a bit such as you feel sad after failing a test, depressed is something that stays with one for a long time, and is often diagnosed to people from doctors.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra dejected e depressed ?
A: Depressed is usually a state that last for quite a long time (relatively-speaking, it could be a week or 20 years) and is usually caused by several factors in your life. You hate where you're living, you hate your job, you've just split up with your boyfriend, you can't afford a holiday and all these things make you feel depressed over the weeks/months/years it takes to improve at least some of your problems. Depression can also be a serious clinical illness (not necessarily caused by obvious life problems).

In contrast, you are usually dejected for a relatively short time immediately after some disappointment. You didn't get the job you wanted so you feel dejected.

Depression is a diagnosable condition. Whereas dejection is not.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra dejected e disappoint e demotivate ?
A: I'm pretty dejected about losing the game.

When people are dejected, it means they are feeling bad in general. They may be depressed. That bad feeling extends throughout their life. They probably aren't happy about anything right now.

I'm disappointed that my baseball team didn't win.

People are usually disappointed about a specific thing or event. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are sad overall. You might even be happy. You can be disappointed and dejected at the same time though, but they aren't identical.

My 0.5% raise has really demotivated me from doing a good job.

Demotivating means your attitude towards doing something is changing for the worse. This might be because of a general state of affairs, or because of something specific. Demotivated might even happen at the same time as being angry.

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Q: I’m dejected since I couldn’t do the test well. sembra naturale?
A: I feel dejected because I didn’t do the test well.

“Couldn’t” means that you were unable to do the test well. It is correct but a bit over the top. “Didn’t” means that you did not do the test well. Technically it implies that you could have done the test well, but it gets the point across while sounding more natural.

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