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Q: Che cosa significa demeaning ?
A: It means like no respect for others/ or cause someone to lose their dignity for example: the school bully tried to demean the girl by making fun of her.
Q: Che cosa significa demeaning?
A: to dehumanize, devalue (a human), belittle. literally to remove meaning from (a human's life or self-worth)
for examples, see any quote of the US President towards leaders of democracies. for the opposite, see almost any of his communications towards brutal dictators
Q: Che cosa significa demeaning?
A: Demeaning is an adjective that describes words or actions that make someone feel bad or that they are not worth very much. Calling someone fat is a demeaning thing to say. Jim: "I hate Lucy, she is so Ugly" Ron: "You should not say that, it is demeaning towards Lucy"

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con demeaning.
A: Here's another example:

A: The boss gets her to make his morning coffee.
B: That's a bit demeaning isn't it?

She is qualified for her job, it's not her job to run errands and look after the boss. She's not his wife or his servant. 😊
Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con demeaning.
A: Demeaning = to treat someone in an insulting and rude way

"He spoke to me very slowly, as if I was a child! It was so demeaning."
"I can't believe my boss called me "てまえ"! She's very demeaning when you make her mad."
"He's demeaning you by making you clean the toilets even though you're a programmer."

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