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Q: Che cosa significa But as it says in the Detective's Handbook, When life takes a wrong turn, just try not to get lost.?
A: To get lost = to lose your way, to not know where you are or where to go
Not to get lost = negation of the above, knowing where you are
Try not to get lost = attempt to remain in the state of knowing where you are
Just try not to get lost = Simply attempt to remain in the state of knowing where you are

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Detective films e Mystery films e Suspense films ?
A: Detective Films are usually about crime. The story talks about a detective or police officer solving a crime.

The "mystery" genre is about discovering secrets. For example, a story of a haunted house. At the beginning of the story, you don't know why the ghosts are there. The story explains the mystery, it explains why the ghosts are there.

Suspense films make you worried or concerned about what is going to happen next. If a man is about to go inside a door, and there is a killer inside, it is "suspense". The man might not know the killer is inside the house, but you do, so you are concerned about what is going to happen next. Will the man live? Will the killer kill him?

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Detective de detectives
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: is this natural? Detective Juggins gives Meeks his sister's current address. Meeks hurries away and comes back thrilled to bits to have finally found his sister.
A: yes it sounds natural
Q: Detective anticipated next murder from past sites. sembra naturale?
A: × Detective anticipated next murder from past sites.
✓ A/The detective anticipated the next murder based on past crime scenes.

The original sounds like a news headline: 「刑事、過去現場から次の事件を予測」
Q: Detective Conan "which is one of Japanese famous anime" will be aired by 4D! I would like to watch it absolutely.😁 sembra naturale?
A: Detective Conan "which is a famous Japanese anime" will be aired in 4D! I would absolutely whatch it.
Q: Detective almost arrested the murder, but he ran away and blended into the crowd at the square. sembra naturale?
A: except... please add "the" before detective.
otherwise, very good!
Q: Detective always can smell peculiar things happening.

is it correct sentence?
can I use"peculiar" to describe something happening?
A: "Peculiar" means "strange" or "odd". for example. "we seem to be in a peculiar situation"

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