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Q: Che cosa significa deviation of character?
A: A persons personality or moral conduct is changing. They are acting different than they normally do.


He is usually so kind, so it was a strange deviation of character when he punched his grandma 👵🏻
Q: Che cosa significa sexual deviation?

It doesn't mean very much these days.

It used to mean, sexual activity that wasn't normal heterosexual things.

These days, nobody wants to be seen as normal ... so I don't know how they can be any deviation if there isn't any normal.

People who study criminal sexual behaviour might use this term to describe violent sexual offences. I don't know
Q: Che cosa significa deviation?
A: @bigdefense02 thank you 😊
Q: Che cosa significa Unknown deviation of the spec to actual software?
A: deviation comes from the verb to deviate and it means going off a course or a way . this word is commonly used in Math , physics ....etc .

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con deviation.
A: There aren't many expressions that use deviation. It is most commonly used in science. For example: "Scientists generally agree that the inhabitants of the galapagos have deviated from the course of evolutionary biology due to their state of isolation."

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra deviation in the shape e deviation of the shape e deviations in the shape e deviations of the shape ?
A: Unconventional
Deviation, in my mind, is:
A) Mathematical (standard deviation)
B) A difference that's bad: Deviating from guidelines, a deviation from the rules.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra deviation e digression ?
A: Deviation is a bit more formal an tends to be used in scientific or disciplinary contexts
Eg. This is a deviation from the norm.
Digression is more informal, and generally gets used when someone's speech or conversation goes off topic
Eg. Although chocolate is good for you... But I digress. We were talking about cats!
However these differences are quite subtle and usually you can use the words interchangeably

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Q: Japanese tend to scared of deviation from the norm; feel comfortable to be like others.

Is this sentence correct ?
A: Japanese people tend to be scared of deviation from the norm; they feel more comfortable to be like others
Q: ‎‎‎‎‎1) ‎This is a deviation from the norm.
2) Their characters complement each other.
3) ‎From which platform does the train leave? sembra naturale?
A: Yup, totally fine! 👍🏼
Q: I tried to define "deviation" sembra naturale?
A: It's a little difficult to understand. Try annunciating more.

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