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Q: Distinguishing confusing sounds such as,"coffee and copy" is important. sembra naturale?
A: This sounds good! My only correction would be punctuation. Put the commas like this:
- Distinguishing confusing sounds, such as "coffee" and "copy," is important.

Also note the quotation marks. You don't care about distinguishing the word "and" haha

Maybe add "in similar-sounding words" :
- Distinguishing confusing sounds in similar-sounding words, such as "coffee" and "copy," is important.
(Distinguishing yours between two items.)
Can you tell which is yours?
Can you tell which yours is?

What is the proper way to say?
A: “Can you tell me which is yours?” is proper.

However, I would probably say “Can you tell me which one is yours?”
Q: Distinguishing features sembra naturale?
Q: Distinguishing between countable and non-countable nouns, or correctly using single or plural forms -- these are some of the most difficult points about learning English for most Japanese. What makes things more confusing is that the same word, "experience" for instance, sometimes can be countables and other times non-countables. I really wonder how native speakers can judge which is correct in an instant when casually speaking. sembra naturale?
A: The only changes I would make are
...or plural forms—these are some...
the same word,..., sometimes can be countable and other times non countable.
You never really state what "such a judgement" is. You imply it, but you might want to say something like "how native speakers can judge which one is correct in an instant..."

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