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Q: Che cosa significa DIY innovator?
A: this may take some time.

DIY is “Do-It-Yourself” - think of people who remodel their houses or hack devices together to build cool things.

Innovator is just a creative creator. They have ideas and make those ideas real

DIY Innovator” is an overused silicon valley tech-speak phrase usually seen in people’s titles at technology conferences

One cool DIY innovator is Naomi Wu

unrelated: in silicon valley tech slang, an INCUBATOR would be a group of investors that help people get their projects off the ground
Q: Che cosa significa DIY?
A: It usually implies it will give information via a tutorial, teaching you how to "do it yourself" with a video or blog.
Q: Che cosa significa DIY
and how can I use ( kinda)?
A: DIY means Do It Yourself, and you use it when you do something by hand that is normally not done that way or that you use cheap/easy to find materials
Q: Che cosa significa "DIY"?
A: DIY is an abbreviation which means Do It Yourself

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? DIYキットなどの「制作例」
A: Examples of production such as kits
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? DIY
A: @leticia_leal
easy enough
YMMV your mileage may vary ~ result maybe different for you
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Hello please what is mean DIY i so see in youtube video?
A: @cloudsongninja: so thanks

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Q: self-renovation (It's meaning DIY) sembra naturale?
A: 家などについて、はい自然ですよ😊
"self renovation" means to fix something up by yourself (DIY do it yourself). like updating your bathroom or kitchen. it doesn't work for just "making something" like a shelf. that's just DIY.
Q: I did DIY.
I bought two wood board.
Finally My guitar and Ukulele on the wall in my house. sembra naturale?
A: "finally my guitar and my ukulele are on the wall in my house "
Q: He came to like DIY. He made a bird table recently. We are all enjoying bird watching. sembra naturale?
A: いいです。
Q: DIY is the short form for ''Do it by yourself''. sembra naturale?
A:DIY is the shortened form for ''Do It Yourself'' 会比较恰当~ Shorten 后面有 -ed 因为本身已经缩短了,所以用过去式。

DIY is the short form for “Do It Yourself” 也行。
Q: DIY =Do it yourself, or DIY =DO IT BY YOURSELF?
A: Sorry if I didn't explain it well.
DIY is just a phrase we use to describe jobs around the house that you do with no professional help, but not necessarily with no help. Jobs like painting walls, making furniture, refurbishing rooms:
"Me and my friend did some DIY this weekend and we made a bookcase"
"This room was a DIY job. Me and my wife painted it"
DIY stands for "Do it yourself", but "To do something yourself" or "by yourself" or "all by yourself" are phrases used to indicate that you did something without any help:
"I did the washing up by myself, because my wife did the cooking earlier"

Consider these two examples:
1."I like this room, did you refurbish it by yourself?"
"No, my wife helped"

2."I like this room, was it a DIY job?"
"yes, me and my wife did it"

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