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Q: Doess this sentence sound natural?
"How do you rate it out of 5?"
Q: Doess this sound natural?


A: I got out of prison.
B: Good for you! so how long yave you been in prison?
A: 6 years.

2- Can you express this in a natural English?

I was walking and he was coming in front of me so he stopped in a really provoking manner. I got really angry and said " Cone on! move!" he turned to me and said "What's wrong with you?"
A: You could say "i just got out of prison" If they recently got out. "i got out of prison" implies they escaped somehow.

"How long WERE you in prison for?" - "how long have you been in prison" sounds like the person is STILL in prison.

"As i was walking, he stopped in front of me in a really provoking manner" Angrily, i said "come on, move!". He turned to me and said "what's wrong with you?!"
Q: Doess this sound native? The hardest word to pronounce I swear haha
A: Sounds natural to me.

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