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Q: Che cosa significa dovish ?
A: When you are talking to or about the military, or speaking of military issues, we often use dovish and hawkish.
Dovish (being like a dove) means you want to choose a peaceful option; you want to avoid conflict or war and prefer talking and diplomacy.
Hawkish (being like a hawk) means that you are more aggressive and militant; you want to fight or attack as a solution.

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Q: What does "turning dovish" mean??

The U.S. inflation numbers bolstered the Federal Reserve’s decision to be patient on raising interest rates. And with major central banks seemingly on pause or turning dovish, investor attention now appears firmly focused on the outlook for global trade and the chances of progress at the next round of talks between the U.S. and China in Beijing. Protectionist measures have been heaping pain on many large economies, some of which are also grappling with a slowdown in growth.
A: it means banks are not being aggressive with lending money. Doves are gentle birds.

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