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Q: Che cosa significa drivel ?
A: There are a lot of meaning of this word

Drivel = Nonsense or boring and unnecessary information.

Examples :
1.You don't believe the drivel you read on the internet, do you?
2. You're talking drivel as usual!

To talk a lot in a boring, stupid, or annoying way :

1. I've just been listening to Aunt Elsie drivelling on.
2.They're always drivelling about me meeting Mr Right and getting married.

Something written or said that is completely worthless; nonsense.
1.The papers are filled with drivel about movie stars.

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Q: Che cosa significa peak-broflake self-improvement life-hack drivel?
A: Wow.

First, start with "drivel." This means nonsense, usually with an implication of contempt.

The pundit went on and on about how we should all be investing in crypto-currency, but I thought all his advice was pure drivel.

Everything that comes before "drivel" is a description of the type of drivel, and it's a mash-up of popular memes and fads.

broflake is a spin on "snowflake", which roughly means a person with an overly-fragile male ego.

peak-* is a way to indicate an extreme version of *.

life-hacking is trendy term that misuses the concept of computer hacking and roughly means "clever ways to improve your life."

And self-improvement is a good thing and generally implies working for said improvement, as opposed to "life hack" shortcuts for getting said improvement.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra drivel e hogwash ?
A: Good question!

drivel: meaningless hot air.
hogwash: false

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