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Q: Che cosa significa he's my drowning more on?
A: I'm just hearing like this. Maybe you're right.
Q: Che cosa significa I’m drowning in work?
A: It means that you have a lot of work and it's too much for you to nail it

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Q: I'm  drowning here, and you're describing the water.
sembra naturale?
Q: Drowning is one of the most frequent causes of accidental death in Japan. Autopsy with the diatom test and the pleural space fluid osmotic evaluation is still considered as the gold standard in diagnosis of drowning.
In recent years in forensic radiology, many postmortem CT (PMCT) findings of drowning has been reported. Although it is thought that sea water and fresh water drowning affect the postmortem lung CT findings differently, there is no report evaluating the distinction between sea water and fresh water drowning in the assessment of lung findings on PMCT. In addition, in animal experience, Hyosuke et al. reported that the drowning lung appearances on PMCT showed a uniform pattern of ground-glass opacity in sea water and fresh water without statistically significant difference.
Therefore, in this study, we clarify the difference in PMCT findings of the drowning cadavers between saltwater and freshwater drownings. sembra naturale?
A: Almost perfect. And with very difficult content. However I noticed that 'has been reportedly' should be 'have been reported' because you use 'many,' which is a plural subject,

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