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Q: Che cosa significa she wrestled a screaming Dudley into his high chair. ?
A: It is literature so the authors sometimes change grammar. "She wrestled with a screaming..." is correct.
Q: Che cosa significa Dudley PUT ON A FOUL, simpering smile?
A: He put on a smile (made himself smile) that was foul (distasteful) and simpering (obsequious, groveling)
Q: Che cosa significa Dudley thought he'd be smart with me.?
A: See the specific example here
Q: Che cosa significa they didn't want Dudley mixing with a child like that.?
A: They didn't want them to become friends or for him to hang around Harry

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Q: Dudley jerked awake

What is the verb in this sentence? Very confused
A: hmm i think it is an adjective
Q: "Dudley jerked awake" What does jerk here mean? Does it mean Dudley turn his head quickly or something?
A: with a sudden movement
Q: Dudley asked Aunt Petunia dully late that afternoon. What does "dully late" mean?(the context is as follows)
A: I think the sentence has been badly constructed. Dully means without interest or excitement.

Dudley, without any interest, asked Aunt Petunia the question late that afternoon.
Q: Dudley had already broken his new cine-camera, crashed his remote control airplane, and, first time out on his racing bike, knocked down old Mrs. Figg as she crossed Privet Drive on her crutches. sembra naturale?
A: Be careful with 'airplane'. You pronounced 'aeroplane' which has an extra syllable in it. 'Airplane' has two syllables 'air' and 'plain' but 'aeroplane' has an extra 'o' sound in the middle :)

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