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Q: Che cosa significa Economists Xin Meng Nancy Qian and Pierre Yared show that, much like Amartya Sen's earlier claims, aggregate production was sufficient for avoiding famine and that the famine was caused by OVER-PROCUREMENT and poor distribution within the country?
A: -> Origins.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Economists assume it is the presence of the central bank that keeps money supply stable. e Economists assume that the presence of the central bank keeps money supply stable. ?
A: They mean the same thing. My preference would be the second sentence, but I would add the word "the" in there:
"Economists assume that the presence of the central bank keeps the money supply stable."

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Q: Economists and other happiness researchers consistently find that longer commutes are associated with unhappiness. Yet people still pay quite a lot to live in far-flung exurbs.

Q: what does “far-flung” mean in the sentence above?
A: distant or remote, far away (from work)
Q: Economists are looking for a new theoretical tool which they could more
accurately identify emerging treads. sembra naturale?
A: Economists are looking for a new theoretical tool *that* they could *use to* more accurately identify emerging trends.
Q: Economists predict our business to do well next year. sembra naturale?
A: Perfect!😄

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