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Q: Che cosa significa edits firing?
A: In the context of a system or computer, "firing" usually means "triggering", "activating" or "executing" (in reference to some action).

To be honest though, even with context, the meaning is still not very clear.

The "edits firing" part is a bit confusing to me because if the intended meaning is "edits may be triggered" it is not clear what edits are being referenced.

It is possible the intended meaning is "if this option is selected before the entry is complete, it may cause other records to be edited based on the incomplete / missing data" ... but it's not very clear.

>> Does that mean "What you've edited will be cancelled (deleted)"?

This is one possible interpretation. However, it is not safe to make that assumption.

The message warns of unspecified data loss and unspecified edits that may occur if you select the option before the entry is complete.

So it is not clear from the message what data may be lost / impacted (perhaps it's just the record you are entering data for, or perhaps other records too).

One other possibility is that the "firing" may be a typo (error). Perhaps the message is supposed to say "failing" instead of "firing" (that would make more sense).

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? привет, меня зовут Диана, и я давно слежу за твоим аккаунтом, и просто обожаю твои edits, они у тебя очень классные, ты действительно талантливый человек. И я давно думала написать тебе, и также обратиться к тебе с тем, что мне нужна помощь.
A: Hi, my name is Diana, I've been following your account for a while now. I love your edits, they are awesome, you are really talented. I was considering writing to you for some time, so I could ask for your help.

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