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Q: Che cosa significa emphatic?
A: Emphatic =Strongly expressed.

I asked her to go to dinner with me. She gave me a simple “no.”

I asked her to go to dinner with me. She gave an emphatic “NO!!!!”

The protesters were so emphatic that the police policy needs to change that the mayor finally agreed to change the law.

I want to start working immediately after high school, but my parents are emphatic about my going to college.
Q: Che cosa significa emphatic ?
A: empathetic means caring
Q: Che cosa significa emphatic win/victory ? ?
A: A win by a very large margin or a win by a lot. (E.g. Did you win the football match?
It was an emphatic win - the score was 9-1 to us.)

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con emphatic.
A: I was emphatic that I would be safe, but my mom refused to let me go out.
She looked at me with an emphatic glare.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra emphatic e explicit ?
A: emphatic is making a point forcefully, "with emphasis" (they share the same root word). Explicit is being clearly defined. It leaves nothing implied and no room for interpretation.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? an emphatic final hit
A: I’d love to help, but there isn’t a single, easy translation. Could you put it in a sentence so I can understand the context?

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Q: I'd like to know what "emphatic" means in the text.
A: @fleetu Yes: the language (wording) of some legislation is its content; legislation is, after all, nothing but words -- and it's the exact phrasing of those words that amount to the law's content. Bust insisted more and more firmly that the wording used in Biden's proposed legislation should never be allowed to be passed and become law.
Q: About emphatic expression
I do study English!
I will study English!
What's the difference between them?
A: Actually you usually don't say "I do study English" - just "I study English" is fine
Q: "i don't want~" is too an emphatic expression?
what is the "do not want~"'s formal expression?
A: There isn't really a more formal way to say "do not want"
You can use it any almost any situation.
Q: I want to make an emphatic sentence that our Chinese had some rules in the past. How should I say?
“We do have some rules in the past in China.” or "We did have some rules in the past in China"
And did I use the correct grammar in the above sentence?
A: You must use the past tense: "China did have some rules in the past."
Your past tense sentence is also okay.

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