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Q: Che cosa significa equate?
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Q: Che cosa significa equate?
A: Is equivalent to. E.g. What you're saying equates to a complete refusal of my invitation.
Q: Che cosa significa equate?
A: Equate means to consider one thing to be the same as another!

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra equate e equal ?
A: equate is a verb, equal is an adjective most of the time but also could be a noun or a verb.

examples for equate:
> rumors do not equate to official announcement, you guys should stop speculating too much
> that's an interesting answer but wouldn't the math equate to 80%?
> the boss (as in a game) have a second phase that triggers at 20% threshold which equates to 10k HP
> it's funny how you equated A to B
> me saying she's a noisy bitch doesn't equate to me hating her
> i don't think owning an expensive digital camera equate to good photographing skill

example for equal:
> he can stand on equal footing with the champion
> i like this car but that one would also be an equally good choice
> this character can outperform that character at equal levels
> sometimes theory isn't equal to actual practice (here it's a verb)
> one plus one equals two (here it's a verb)
> we should treat everyone in this class as equals (here it's a noun)
Q: Qual è la differenza tra equate e liken ?
A: equate means the two thing being compared are equal or exactly the same.

liken is just compared as similar and not exactly the same
Q: Qual è la differenza tra equate e compare ?
A: To equate two things means to claim that they are equal. To compare two things is to look at their similarities and differences.

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