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Q: Che cosa significa i think we should all be allowed to etch a sketch our life?
A: "Etch a Sketch" is a kid's toy from the 90s that lets you draw pictures with little knobs.

Basically this is saying we should be able to create our own lives.
Q: Che cosa significa etch?
A: Etch is a very uncommon word to come across in English, it is rarely used in conversations. It is when you carve or engrave metal, glass or stone by putting a protective layer over it and drawing on it with a needle. It is then covered in acid which covers the exposed pieces were the needle has been drawn over. It then creates a design.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra etch e engrave ?
A: Etching = using acid or a laser beam to burn a design onto something
Engrave = using a sharp tool like a knife to carve a design onto something
Q: Qual è la differenza tra etch into e carve into ?
A: yes that’s correct

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