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Q: Che cosa significa etched in my mind?
A: To "etch" means to engrave something into a hard surface like metal, stone, or glass. It is a type of craft or art form. When you say "etched in my mind" it means carving information into your mind and memory to the point that it will be permanent.
Q: Che cosa significa etched in time?
A: Etched in time means to be a part of history. It’s not a very common expression I would expect to see it most in story books

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra etched e engraved ?
A: I had a quick search because I didn't know! Etching is a chemical process and engraving is a physical one.
"I etched this design with acid"
"I engraved this design with my chisel"
I've never really heard people use etch in a sentence before but people always talk about their jewerly with engravings on them. Hope that helps!

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