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Q: For Europian people (especially U.K.), American English is easy to listen to and to understand?

I can understand PremireLeague players' and managers' (ex.Walker, Pep, Klopp) English easily, but it is too difficult to understand Major League Baseball live coverage.
A: I think that it is easier for non-Americans to understand American regional dialects than it is for people to understand British regional accents such those from Glasgow, Newcastle, or even London. British movies have subtitles in the USA but hollywood films do not have subtitles in the UK.
Q: Why are most Europian people such as Finnish, German and Swedish so fluent of English?
Their english is at amazing levels.

I'd want to get my children to become fluent of english but I was thinking if it's still possible to live in Japan, where almost nobody speaks it.
A: Finns start studying English by age of eight. And it is a compulsory subject until they are 16. On top of the all English TV programmes and movies have subtitles.
Q: ​‎What do Europian or American people think of Japanese girls by their look? I'd want to know your honest thoughts.

People say they look younger than thier age.
Does that mean they are lack of looking sexy..?
A: To me I think they look a bit more childish or bubbly (not quite sure how to describe it) but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are less sexy. Sexiness depends on how you feel about yourself and if the right guy/girl feels the same way about you.

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