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Q: Qual è la differenza tra evidentiary documents e documentary evidence ?
A: They are both the same thing, but spoken about differently.

Evidentiary documents are documents that provide evidence or are entered into evidence in a court. The subject is documents.

Documentary evidence is evidence that consists of some form of physical (or now also electronic) written item, again usually in a court of law. The subject is evidence.

Which one you use depends on whether you want to emphasize documents or evidence.
In general, if documents is the subject (evidentiary documents) then you are talking about the individual items. If evidence is the subject (documentary evidence) then you are talking about the evidence as a whole and what it means.

"We have 17 evidentiary documents to enter into the record."
"The documentary evidence that we have provided is overwhelming."
"Documentary evidence is better than eyewitness testimony because people can make mistakes."
"All evidentiary documents must be verified."

Does that help?

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