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Q: Che cosa significa This is an excerpt from the New York Times Feb. 16, 2021:

He is hunkering down at home, where both power and water are out. "It's blankets and water jugs."

Question: Why can two plural nouns go with the word "It's"? ?
A: While not perfectly correct, it is a common natural way to refer to one big thing such as a situation or presence. The situation here is 'the use of blankets and water jugs'.
- It's the waves and sounds that make me feel calm. (the presence of waves and sounds)
- It's the twists and turns that make this book interesting. (presence of twists and turns)

'Is' can also mean 'consists of'
- It is sandwiches and fruit for lunch today.
- What's in the box? It's clothes and dishes.
Q: Che cosa significa This excerpt is about a college student who initally didn't think he could go to college, when he was all on his own. when he was all on his own?
A: He was without the help of his parents.
Q: Che cosa significa excerpt?
A: It means quoting a short piece of information from a body of text.


>Raijin is often depicted with a fierce, frightening face and a muscular figure with gravity-defying hair. He is surrounded by Taiko drums that he plays to create the sound of thunder. Raijin holds large hammers in his hands that he uses to play the drums. In some cases, Raijin is portrayed with three fingers which are said to represent the past, present and future. Two of the most notable sculptures of Raijin are located in the Sanjusangendo temple and the Taiyuin Rinnoji temple.

An excerpt from this text: "Raijin holds large hammers in his hands that he uses to play the drums"

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra excerpt e abstract e extract ?
A: Excerpt is something small or short. Like an excerpt of a book (that would be a small part of a book) or a movie.

Abstract is something that exists only in an idea, but isn’t physical (when I searched it up, it gave “love” and “beauty” as an example.

Extract is to take something out, or to obtain it (to have something in your possession).

I hope that helps!
Q: Qual è la differenza tra excerpt e cite ?
A: I think they are different actions. In terms of the verb "excerpt", I think it means more to take something directly from a source, with the understanding that it is part of a whole. "This recipe is excerpted from my new book Cooking for Vegans"
To cite something usually means you want to emphasize that you are attributing something to its source. "Please cite any references used so you don't accidentally plagiarize". When you cite something you may not be replicating the exact source, but you are still acknowledging where you got the information.

I also think in terms of the nouns, an excerpt is usually something like a chapter of a book, or a poem, or something a bit longer.
A citation is usually a footnote, endnote or a brief reference to something.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra excerpt e extract ?
A: excerpt is a passage selected from a speech, book, etc.
extract mean to remove something.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra excerpt e extract ?
A: Also, extract can be a verb.

"He read the text carefully in order to extract the meaning. "

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? excerpts
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? excerpts

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Q: This is an excerpt from wiki (partially modified) and could you tell me the meaning of ", so much as re-adjusting"?

The Hollywood Reporter said that the sequels were on hold indefinitely because the movie had failed to break even. The COO [of the distribution company] said that she "wouldn't say [the franchise is] on hold, so much as re-adjusting".
A: it's a bit more like it is "on hold" but they want to be positive about the situation so they say they are "re-adjusting". I agree, however, that re-adjusting might not be the best word for what she wants to say. Keep in mind that a lot of news articles and stories will be saying one thing but try to get the audience to think the way they want them to by calling it something else. It's more like that, if that makes sense?
Q: The below is an excerpt from a passage of the SAT critical reading test. I don't understand the meaning of the second sentence(The Blackfeet --). Does it mean something like "The Blackfeet might probably have eaten catfish, but it can be likened to us eating a sewer rat" ?

River travelers poled or steamed up the channels by day and fished for supper by twilight. The Blackfeet, the lords of the Great Plains and the prairie's most serious students, would no sooner have dined on catfish than we would on a dish of fricasseed sewer rat. The mucus-covered creatures of the muddy river bottoms, the Blackfeet thought, were simply not the best the plains had to offer; far from being palatable, catfish were repulsive, disgusting.

A: It means they did not eat catfish and they did not eat sewer rats (because to us sewer rats are considered disgusting and to the Blackfeet catfish were disgusting)
Q: The below is an excerpt form the article "Graduating in the Navajo Way" from the Smithsonian magazine. I do not understand what "Native American students are vital to the global experience" means in this context. Does this mean something like "Native American students need to have global experience" or " their existence itself is global" or "Their experience is part of what has happened globally"?

When the ceremony concluded, families huddled around their graduates, and we made our way back to the hooghan to meet with Dr. Wesley Thomas. Thomas is a cultural anthropologist and the initiator of Diné studies and the graduate studies program at NTU. He articulated the challenges of introducing global issues in an environment where local struggles are so dire. He introduces students to Palestine, Ferguson, and South America, noting, “The students are too busy surviving on the reservation, so here I provide that for them.” As Thomas explained, cultural genocide has multiple forms: the legacy of stolen lands, trauma from the Long March, toxic environmental issues, and livestock reduction, to name a few.

Navajo Technical University graduation Professor Anita Roastingear echoed the sentiment about tension between local struggles, survival of indigenous ways, and global issues. “Native American students are vital to the global experience,” she said. “We have to know the dominant society, languages, court system, educational system, but we don’t have to be conquered by them.”
A: It means that their existence itself is vital to the global experience. They live on reservations so they have to know the laws of America itself, yet are still able to live under the safety of the reservation. So their experiences are unique and are apart of the global experience :) Hope that helps!
Q: This excerpt is from the column of Dear Abby. I have no idea why "orchids" are offered for Mother's Day?

: DEAR READERS: Happy Mother's Day to mothers everywhere. This includes birth mothers, adoptive and foster mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers who are raising grandchildren, and dual-role dads. Orchids to all of you for the love you give every day. -- Love, ABBY
A: Well, first of all, there really isn't any special association with orchids and Mother’s Day.

But orchids are considered a fairly luxurious ornamental flower so they are good for special occasions.

And, in the 1930s, the US newspaper columnist Walter Winchell would “award” orchids to people he considered worthy of special recognition or praise by saying “Orchids to you!” (In fact, a movie was made referencing that specific phrase by him in 1935.) Revlon, the cosmetics manufacturer, later adopted it as an ad slogan in the early 1940s. So Abby is merely adopting that phrase, although it is a very dated one.

Q: Please tell me what he is saying;

This is an excerpt from a commercial and a police officer is asking a woman to show her license or something but I can't catch the words after "Can I see your".
A: I had to listen to it a few times, it does sound like a "b". At the beginning I thought it said 'babies'.

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