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Q: Che cosa significa It's our current exclusivity, not that multi-species past, that is peculiar - and perhaps incriminating.?
A: Our current exclusivity = Today, we only have one species of human, which is Homo sapiens

And this is peculiar = this is strange and unusual (to have only one species of human walking the earth)

And perhaps incriminating = this suggest that we (homo sapiens) are guilty of something

Maybe the next sentences will suggest that homo sapiens is guilty of causing the extinction of other species of humans?
Q: Che cosa significa exclusivity clause?
A: To not admit or allow for anything else existing outside of this clause - usually used in contracts to explain that if party A signs this contract with party B then A must *only* deal with B for whatever the contract is about

A signs a modeling contract with B and there is an exclusivity clause included in the contract - A would then be unable legally to model for any one else besides B

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