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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Regno Unito)? can you help me with my English exercices (crossword)?
A: 11 - Approval
13 - Ancient
15 - Suspect
16 - Verdict

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Q: Please can you help me with this exercices?
A: 2. You ought to try our ice cream
3. Most people should exercise more
4. You are supposed to put your books back before leaving the library
5. ( I don’t understand how to do this one)
6. You better not take a form if you’re not in the school play
Q: Hello! Can you check me this exercices? Please
A: 1.2 considering
1.7 make
2.2 add "by the bank"
2.4 launched
2.5 ...for the job
2.6 a young....
2.7 must be followed
2.8 on the outskirts of town by a multinational

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