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Q: Qual è la differenza tra explan e interpret ?
A: Interpret = What do you think/make of this? Explain = What does this mean. Explain your actions = Why did you do this? What is your interpretation of the painting = What do you think the painting is trying to represent? Explanations should be objective, interpretations are subjective.

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Q: Could you explan the answer in question 112 and 114?!
A: 114. In order for “Anyone” to make sense, the sentence would have to say “Anyone who still wishES”.

Here are some more sentences that use “Anyone” in a similar way:

“Anyone WHO OBJECTS to this marriage, speak now.”

“Anyone WHO SPEAKS without raising their hand will receive a detention”

“Anyone WHO WANTS to go to dinner at the restaurant should leave now”

If I used “Those” instead of “Anyone” the sentences will stay make sense, but they would look like this:

“Those WHO OBJECT to this marriage, speak now.”

“Those WHO SPEAK without raising their hand will receive a detention”

“Those WHO WANT to go to dinner at the restaurant should leave now”
Q: 1.Let me explan a little about my mother.
2.My mother often on a business trip in Tokyo when we were childhood.
3.At that time she bought to us so many souvenir.
4.On a holiday we went camp,picnic and bought clothes with mother.
5.My mother is very fashionable.
6.She often chosen the clother to me.

Please tell me the English that can be use in everyday convention. sembra naturale?
A: 1. Let me explain a little bit about my mother.

2. My mother was often on a business trip in Tokyo when we were children.

3. At that time, she bought us so many souvenirs.

4. On holiday with our mother, we went camping, had picnics, and bought clothes.

5. My mother is very fashionable.

6. She often chooses my clothes for me.
Q: Can you explan the parts I marked with [(number) ... ]?

Just as it dramatises Martin Luther King’s momentous marches to the Alabama town [(1) of the title], so this stately civil rights movie begins its own march into the awards season [[(2) with a spring in its step]. Unimpeachably important, ambitious in its scope and handsomely presented, it has all the hallmarks of a trophy winner, for better and worse.
A: 1. "Of the title" は「題名の』です。それは"Selma."
2. これは難しいです。"To walk with a spring in one's step" の意味は『元気に歩く」とおもいます。
Q: Can you explan the nuance of "fair share" in blue line?
A: It means that the person smoked a considerable amount of marijuana when they were attending college.

During the holidays, my family ate a lot of tamales, a Mexican food.

I can describe this as such:

My family ate their fair share of tamales this Christmas. I only ate one because they ate so many!

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