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Q: Che cosa significa "Export a copy"?
A: it means to essentially save a copy to another location, think of it like sending your file (exporting) to another location (such as a harddrive)

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Export e Exports ?
A: Export = exportation

To export , is a verb

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Export import executive
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? Export
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia Export.
A: @rupalik is this good ?
Q: Export by airplane is generally used for goods that is required to arrive at consignee's hand immediately. Such as perishable, frozen food that are really easy to go bad, other example is clothes, they can't be sold well if missing the best timing , because people's preference for clothes changes easily in a while. sembra naturale?
A: Shipping by airplane is generally used for time-sensitive deliveries. For example, perishables like frozen or fresh foods, which go bad easily, or clothes in the latest fashion, which can become unsaleable once they are out of fashion.
Q: Export corrections to Evernote is just done now sembra naturale?
A: I would say something like "Evernote corrections have been exported."

The bit that's mainly the issue is "is just done now". I would suggest something more like
"Have been completed" or "are now finished".

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