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Q: Che cosa significa fertility benefits?

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra fertility e reproduction ?
A: Fertility is one's ability to produce a child -- a woman may be fertile, but a man might be infertile and his sperm can't fertilize an egg. Or a man might be fertile, but the woman's egg's might not be able to be fertilized, so she would be infertile.

Reproduction is just the act of having (or trying to have) a child.

These terms aren't human-specific, though, so the examples might extend to other species. A mule (offspring of a donkey and a horse) is infertile because of its chromosome number, so it can't reproduce.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra fertility e fecund ?
A: Fertility is for humans, while fecund could be (example) fruits. Like "fecund farms are the best" and "this person has a high fertility rate"

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Q: What are "fertility stones" in the following context?

In many east African societies there is a cycle of rituals that male and female children go through, from birth to childhood to adulthood and death. The history of these rituals can be uncovered in archaeological sites and fertility stones. Some stones are carved with symbols; landscape features include sacred trees, wells, springs and mountains. In studying them I discovered that FGM was just one part of this cycle, some of whose rituals still continue.
A: It’s a stone that represents fertility to them, or is thought to boost fertility by owning and using it. I don’t know much about what kind of stone is used in these rituals but I know that some people use crystals in the same way, meditating with them or carrying them to increase fertility.
Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia ultimately, fertility, fecundity and sustained.
A: Check the question to view the answer

The fertility rate going down and the population is becoming very serious, which result in severe consequences.
The financial pressure from the old generation made be a huge problem, which will be a potential threat for our country to go farther. Besides, our country should give away more energy to handle with the heavier and heavier burden of society from the old generation so it is very difficult for our country to make progress.
But how can we solve these problems, the first thing and the most important thing our government should do is try our best to make money, which is the best guarantee for the old generation. Of course, it will be the other good solution for our government if we can make full use of the surplus value of the old people to create more treasures.
All in all, the problem of the aging of the population will be an enormous danger what we can do is try our best to deal with it and never give up sembra naturale?
A: That is ..... very natural, and also a good point.

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