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Q: Che cosa significa rather than leaving the fertilization process up to the grazing livestock ?
A: They use artificial insemination instead of leaving their livestock to procreate naturally.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra fertilization e fertility ?
A: FertilizationはFertileになる方法と使い方似てます。

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Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia In all other fertilization variants, regardless of the norms and ratios between the macro elements and in the check variant, the values of this ratio were above 2, which determined the type of humus as humic.
A: @Roberto34
In your Question, I didn’t know
if you only needed to hear your Question Spoken in English (American) or you required something else.
I apologize for drowning you in words, but you have taught me a new word - Humic! I wanted to be sure that I understood the Words in your Question, which is why I have included Definitions & Citations in my drowning words & Quoted Answer to you. (See definition for Citations below please.)

I’ve included a definition of “Humic”, for my own elucidation. (Elucidation-to make something clear, (to gain a greater understanding for myself))
I did not know that this word existed, nor the meaning of “Humic”.
I then felt that I needed edification (Edification - improvement of a person (Myself) intellectually, to clear up or to have a better understanding of your question) of the word “Humus”, as it’s used in your Question @Roberto34.
Thank you for helping me learn more about my own Language!
I have included WIKIPEDIA’S Definitions of “Hummus” *, the Food & “Humus” *, Components of Soil (Noted Using * or 1 Asterisk= *) Through WIKIPEDIA’S Definition of the food-dish, I found the reference to, “ ... organic matter in soil.” * This gave me the ability to better understand the precise (precise=exact) nature of your Question.

HUMIC- From Source -GOOGLE **
GOOGLE’S Definition of “Humic” **
(Noted Using ** or 2 Asterisks= **)
HUMIC, hū′mik, adj. denoting an acid formed by the action of alkalies on humus or mould. ... “ **
Example GOOGLE Cited; “We are well aware that the nitrogen present in the humic matter of the soil is readily nitrifiable.” **

HUMMUS-From Source- WIKIPEDIA* Defines Food “HUMMUS” *
(Noted Using * or 1 Asterisk = *)
as being spelled in numerous ways. However, your Question specifically refers to “Humus” * as ”... organic matter in soil”*, not the food!
“While humus (as it is spelled in Turkish) is sometimes found, it is generally avoided as it conflicts with another English word that refers to ‘organic matter in soil’.[6]” *

“HUMUS” [1], [2] & [6] *
HUMUS-From Source- WIKIPEDIA* Defines Soil, Earth “HUMUS” *
(Noted Using * or 1 Asterisk = *)
[6] “Humus has a characteristic black or dark brown color and is an accumulation of organic carbon. Besides the three major soil horizons of (A) surface/topsoil, (B) subsoil, and (C) substratum, some soils have an organic horizon (O) on the very surface. Hard bedrock (R) is not in a strict sense soil.” *

“ In soil science, humus (derived in 1790–1800 from the Latin humus for earth, ground[1]) denominates the fraction of soil organic matter that is amorphous and without the "cellular cake structure characteristic of plants, micro-organisms or animals".[2] Humus significantly affects the bulk density of soil and contributes to its retention of moisture and nutrients.” *

I have learned from these Resource Citations, that your Question basically asks about the,
“... fertilization variants, regardless of the norms and ratios ... which determined the type of , “... organic matter in Earth’s soil”* as, “denoting an acid formed by the action of alkalis on humus or mould.”**

“Mold is the American spelling of mould. As a Verb, it’s the upper soil of lose land. Especially when it is rich in organic matter.”
Source- SIRI
“Mold- The fury growth of minute fungal hyphae which grows on foods or other natural elements
especially in moist, warm climates.”
Source - SIRI

Citations = Icon or short notations, which gives Credit to the Source of Information Used or following a Quotation Used, from the Source of the Information. Should be used in our writing when we Copy or Use Words, Sentences or Phrases Created by Another. Here, I’m using; [1], [2], [6], SIRI, one or two Asterisk(s) (* or **) to Cite my Sources of Information.Because these words Cited, Are Not Mine!
([1], [2], [6], GOOGLE **, SIRI &

[1] ^ "Humus." Unabridged, version 1.1. Random House, Inc., 23 Sep 2008, in [1].

[2] ^ Whitehead, D. C.; Tinsley, J. (1963). "The biochemistry of humus formation". Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. 14 (12): 849–857. doi:10.1002/jsfa.2740141201.

[6] ^ Pam Peters (2007), The Cambridge Guide to Australian English Usage, Cambridge University Press, p. 370, ISBN 0-521-87821-7

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