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Q: Che cosa significa other fields of social science and humanities?
A: Humanities and social sciences are the study of human society and behavior. Social studies are considered to be more scientific than humanities.

Some examples of fields of humanities are: languages, literature, philosophy, history, law, politics, religion, and visual/performing art (such as painting, music, acting, film, or dance).

And examples of fields of social studies are: anthropology, archaeology, economics, education, management science, political science, and psychology.
Q: Che cosa significa to leave for fresh fields and pastures new?
A: Usually said like "I'm going to find fresher fields and newer pastures." But this is not said as much now. It's older phrasing.
But it means the person is moving on with their life, or wanting to find something new to do or see. They want to leave their old lifestyle behind. This can also be used to say they are breaking up with their boyfriend or girlfriend to go find another person that is better for them.
Q: Che cosa significa magnetic fields?
A: 자기장 - 이란 자기력을 매개하는 벡터장이다. 고전적으로는 움직이는 전하, 즉 전류에 의하여 발생하나, 양자역학에서는 입자 고유의 스핀도 전류와 같은 역할을 할 수 있다. 😂😂

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra in fields e on fields e at fields ?
A: In fields is the only correct one, I'm afraid because the word is generic. You could be at a field, or even standing on a field but only singular, whereas "in' supports multiples, as in flowers grow in fields.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? 📌 is it natural??
In most of fields , only TOP people get the greatest salary , but the thing is not all people become the top. So if the premise is you work in a average company with a mediocre ability, u will get paid much better if you are a
A: I hope I have got the context right.

Top performers/top management receive the highest salary in most of the industries/work fields, but not everyone can be a top performer (can replace 'top performer' with 'reach at the top'). In a small company, a developer with mediocre abilities is paid better/more than a designer.
Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? fields
A: Check the question to view the answer

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Q: Per favore dimmi come si pronuncia feels and fields.
A: The D sound is the only difference between them. Despite the difference in spellings, the vowel sound is the same. In the English alphabet the sound is called an uppercase/long E. In IPA the sound is represented by i:
It is the highlighted entry in the picture below.

Q: 1) He is preparing fields for planting, using a tractor.
2) He is preparing fields for planting by using a tractor.
3) He is preparing fields for planting with using a tractor. sembra naturale?
A: 1) He is preparing fields for planting, using a tractor. ✔️✔️✔️
You used a comma to separate the clauses - excellent

2) He is preparing fields for planting by using a tractor. ✔️

3) He is preparing fields for planting with using a tractor. ❌❌
with using - this is incorrect
Q: What does "the fields are bare"(1st paragraph) mean?

Although the skies are gray and the fields are bare, even before the first seed is planted in the fertile soil later this spring, farmer Evan Hultine knows corn is king this year.

In fact, corn is the only crop you’ll see in his fields.

“No beans this year for us,” Hultine told VOA while working on his planter.

“After about three months of the trade war, it was pretty clear that the president had long-terms goals in mind and at the time, my dad and I had talked, and we were way more comfortable with our ability to produce high-yield corn,” he said.

Corn and soybeans typically bring in the largest amount of profit for U.S. farmers each year. While many rotate planting the crops season to season as a way to improve the soil, the ongoing U.S. trade dispute with China is affecting routine decisions for farmers as they prepare to head to the fields for spring planting.

“It’s definitely influencing the way we do things on the farm,” Hultine said.
A: 「bare」とは何かが裸だという意味です。この場合に、田に種子がありませんから「bare」です。
Q: "Unlike other fields, learning English just requires committed time and efforts." sembra naturale?
A: Effort, not efforts. Your can drop the word "committed" as it makes it sound a little stiff. Your meaning is clear, though.

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