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Q: Che cosa significa The finches have adapted to fill ecological niches.?
A: First you need to know what 'niche' means

Niche: a role taken by a type of organism within its community. For example : Vultures have fulfilled the niche of clearing up dead animals.

"The finches have adapted to fill ecological niches", this means that the Finches has changed themselves to adapt to fulfill a particular role in ecology in which they survive
Q: Che cosa significa finch study?
A: The study of finches. A finch is a small bird.

フィンチの勉強です. フィンチは小さい鳥です。

Maybe フィンチの研究 is better?

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Q: I've been lived without any finches since he died. I'm ok, though I sometimes come to want to touch their plumage, hear their chirps, and feel their heat. sembra naturale?
A: "I've been living without...I sometimes get an urge to touch..."

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