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Q: Now I'm translating a finction fantasy comic which i'm drawing...
In this scene a prince of white rabbit kingdom(Hybrid human and rabbits),Sekine
is invited to teach hand to hand combat to his member. He is doing a job of major of army....
I would like you correct his part into posh(smart) english in which prince suppose to talk.

①Prince Sekine:
In this case,
Being stabbed with a bayonet or spear like this situation,
And being delivered a blow with the foot...
According to our instruction so far,
You need escape from within the range of the opponent's attack.
That is to say...DODGE with backward-facing step.

②And keep your distance as long as possible from the opponent,
Using Gunfire,Bayonet,spear...
The edge of your foot when you are disarmed.
Stay fighting with long range...
This is the base of White Rabbits Combat.

③Keeping long range makes not only DODGEING enemy's attack
but also quicker RETREATING being ACCOMPLISHED...
This instruction is not wrong.

④However this might be FATAL
when you take multiple opponents in close combat...!!

⑤Let me show you everyone,
In order this attack escaping backward...
⑥It would be possible to be delivered
Unexpected assault from behind.

⑦Just a pencil...very far from weapon
could SKEWER your brainstem.

⑧Skewering your brainstem is too sufficient to wipe you out,
Even you have sturdy and strong body...

⑨Let me say...
Even a jornalist can kill solidier
When you show your brainstem.

⑩However in this case...
Be killed...Physically,
Not socially.

A: Pay attention, everyone.
In this case,
when being attacked with a bayonet or a spear ... thusly....,
or being delivered a blow with the foot...
As I have taught you,
you need to retreat beyond the range of opponent's attack.
That is to say...DODGE/evade with a backward step.

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