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Q: Che cosa significa “a fistful of snake eyes”?
A: "Snake-eyes" is the name for one of the best results from rolling dice in certain dice games. "A fist full of snake-eyes" would mean that you were holding something that was very lucky and profitable. In this song though, the lyrics mostly don't actually make much sense.
Q: Che cosa significa Popping fistfuls of almonds in the backseat.?
A: It means that someone sitting in the backseat (of a vehicle) is eating a lot of almonds (and possibly not even chewing properly before swallowing).

Additional notes: 'fistfuls' is another way of saying "several handfuls", and 'popping' in that type of context is more commonly used in the expression "popping pills", which means 'to take one's medication haphazardly'.

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