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Q: Che cosa significa Flesh?
A: The soft substance found between the skin and bones of human or an animals
Q: Che cosa significa Flesh and blood?
A: carne y sangre
Q: Che cosa significa Flesh?
A: Flesh is not just skin. Flesh can be skin and meat. It's the soft parts of the body.

"Zombies are flesh-eaters."
"The dog ate all the flesh off the bone."
Q: Che cosa significa Flesh?
A: "Skin" I hear it more from murder, paranormal shows. Not usually everyday kind of use.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Flesh e Meat ?
A: "Flesh" is used when describing gore, and it sounds more gross.
"Meat" is used when referring to it as food. It sounds tasty.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Flesh e Meat ?
A: There is no different to the two words the mean the same thing but flesh is more towards human then animals

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Q: Flesh is restored after being hacked off.

this is a certain anime line,
so, why is "being" used before "hacked off" ?
Is this a shortened form of "Flesh is restored after (subject) is hacked off." ?
A: After a preposition we use the -ing form of the verb.

Being is the -ing form of « to be »
Q: With Flesh of Fruit sembra naturale?
Q: I read that " Flesh Color" is no longer in common use; now considered offensive may someone explains to me why is it considered as offensive?
A: In America Flesh Color was normally considered the color of a Caucasian( light European skin). Now a days, many minorities find it offensive because not all people are white.
Q: Flesh, please feel free to help me! sembra naturale?
Q: How to save In The Flesh?I love it very much(>人<;)
A: I don't understand the question.

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