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Q: Che cosa significa Flesh Carver?
A: It would usually be called a meat carver, but yes. The fact that they're calling it flesh (which is any kind of soft body substance, even if it's still alive and not intended for eating,) makes me wonder if it's some kind of bladed weapon meant for cutting living people.
Q: Che cosa significa Flesh?
A: The soft substance found between the skin and bones of human or an animals
Q: Che cosa significa Flesh and blood?
A: carne y sangre
Q: Che cosa significa Flesh?
A: "Skin" I hear it more from murder, paranormal shows. Not usually everyday kind of use.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Flesh e Meat ?
A: Flesh: refiere a humanos y animales.
Meat: refiere a animales cuando la come.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Flesh e Meat ?
A: "Flesh" is used when describing gore, and it sounds more gross.
"Meat" is used when referring to it as food. It sounds tasty.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra Flesh e Meat ?
A: There is no different to the two words the mean the same thing but flesh is more towards human then animals

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Q: Flesh is restored after being hacked off.

this is a certain anime line,
so, why is "being" used before "hacked off" ?
Is this a shortened form of "Flesh is restored after (subject) is hacked off." ?
A: After a preposition we use the -ing form of the verb.

Being is the -ing form of « to be »
Q: With Flesh of Fruit sembra naturale?
Q: I read that " Flesh Color" is no longer in common use; now considered offensive may someone explains to me why is it considered as offensive?
A: In America Flesh Color was normally considered the color of a Caucasian( light European skin). Now a days, many minorities find it offensive because not all people are white.
Q: Flesh, please feel free to help me! sembra naturale?
Q: How to save In The Flesh?I love it very much(>人<;)
A: I don't understand the question.

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