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Q: Che cosa significa They're good at folding?
A: It could mean they are good at tucking and making clothes smaller (in an organized manner) to be put away. It could also mean they are good at putting down their hand in poker but I doubt that was the context.
Q: Che cosa significa "folding" in 926?
A: Losing by giving up hope.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra should I take a folding umbrella? e should I bring a folding umbrella? ?
A: they mean the same thing.
1. I could take a folding umbrella to the beach.
2. I could bring a folding umbrella to the beach
if you are stealing you could say 3. I'm going take a folding umbrella from the family when they are not looking.

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Q: "I'm interested in folding papers"
"I'm interested in Origami"
"I'm interested in paper work"
Which expression is usual and natural in daily talk?
A: In the "I'm interested in..." format, you would use the word origami since it's probably not going to be very easy to understand what "folding papers" or "paper work" mean without prior mention of "origami."

In a conversation, though it would of course depend on the context, you would probably say something like "I like folding origami."

If someone asked you what origami was, you could say something like
"Origami is Japanese paper folding."
Q: The small folding wooden desk got/has mold, because it has been in the back of the closet for years. sembra naturale?
A: Has mold / is moldy
Q: I bought a folding chair at a home improvement center, but it was soon broken down. Although it cost me only 800 yen, that's a bit much. sembra naturale?
A: ​​I bought a folding chair at a home improvement center, but it broke shortly after. it cost me 800 yen, that's a bit much.

I chose to say: broke shortly because "broken down" is a used for vehicles, trains, airplanes usually.

You could say but it soon broke.

I omitted although and only in the sentence after because it sounds like it you were ok that that it was ¥800. But then the sentence after is opposite, you said it was expensive.

So I took out the words that implied it was ok.
Q: -I'm fond of folding Christmas gifts in colorful boxes.
-Why do you like to do it?
- It makes me happy! Please, make corrections. sembra naturale?
A: We usually say "wrapping Christmas boxes". Everything else sounds natural.
Q: "Do you think I should bring my folding umbrella?" sembra naturale?
A: I don't think 'folding umbrella' is a term that gets used, just 'umbrella' should be fine

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