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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con foment.
A: It is not really a common word.

It means to provoke or encourage.

These days it is almost always "foment rebellion" or "foment a disturbance", and you'd find it in writing rather than everyday speech.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra foment e incite e provoke e stir up ?
A: In order of how useful they are:

1. "Stir up" is usually used in the collocation, "stir up trouble" as in "gangs are stirring up trouble in the city again."

Another common collocation is "stir up (certain emotions)" (= make people strongly feel a certain way). You can "stir up hate/fear/anger/etc".

"Stir" is a cooking word that means to mix. For example, when making soup, you need to stir it with a spoon to keep it from burning. While you mix something though, you disturb the ingredients, which is probably where "stirring up trouble/hate/fear/etc" came from.

2. "Provoke" - you can "provoke" someone ( = make them angry, pick a fight with them). For example, "Your mother's in a bad mood, so don't go provoking her. She WILL lash out."

By extension, you can also "provoke things" (= do something to make it easier for them to happen). For example, it is said that Trump "provoked violence against the U.S. government in a speech to thousands of supporters near the White House shortly before the Capitol siege."

3. "Incite" is similar to the second sense of provoke - you can incite violence, hatred, etc.

4. "Foment" is the least used out of these words. Off the top of my mind, I'd only use it to for big, serious things, like "fomenting a revolution" or "fomenting insurrection"

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