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Q: Che cosa significa I proceeded--- with what caution--- with what foresight--- with what dissimulation.(you should have seen how wisely~~~~ I went to work!)
And why is there so much the word What and how it affects the translation??
A: "What" here is an old-fashioned way of speaking.

"What" is emphasising. It says I was REALLY wise. I went to work in a VERY CAREFUL way. Dissimulation means to hide the truth.
Q: Che cosa significa foresight?
A: To be able to see or know something before it happens.

It's different than what a soothsayer does though. A soothsayer is supposed to be able to literally see a vision of the future. "Foresight" means to guess what you think will happen in the future based on patterns of events you've seen in the past.

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con foresight .
A: He has good foresight.
Because of great foresight from management, the company made a profit last year.
If you have good foresight, you’ll be ready for any challenges you might face.

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Q: I have a foresight dream. sembra naturale?
A: They don't really go together.
Foresight means to be able to see into the future so when you describe it in a dream you can say,

'I had a dream where I could see into the future'


'I have the power of foresight. When I dream I can see into the future.'

When you put foresight and dream together it sounds unnatural so try to use these examples instead. Hope it helps!

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