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Q: Che cosa significa freakish?
A: It means unusual and weird.

You can say someone’s clothes are freakish.

Or if they are behaving very strangely- freakish behaviour

If someone is very strong- freakishly strong (far stronger than you would expect).

Basically anything that is really weird and unexpected in a negative way
Q: Che cosa significa freakish ?
A: Very, very strange

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Q: Mostrami delle frasi esempio con freakish.
A: we often use this as an adverb to add emphasis to other adjectives:

My neighbor owns a FREAKISHLY large Labrador (dog).

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Q: What does " she looked freakish to play an aging child star' mean?

Davis is one of the most celebrated actresses in Hollywood history. She was fearless on-screen, like when she looked freakish to play an aging child star in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
A: She looked freakish in order to playing an aging child star
She looked freakish while she played an aging child star
Either interpretation is possible.

She looked freakish = she looked like a freak (freak = 変人, but even ruder. I suppose freakish = 変人っぽい?) 彼女は変人っぽく見えた

aging child star = someone who used to be a star as a child, but is now grown up, and even growing old. Play an aging child star = かつての(年老いた)子役スターを演じる
Q: This is a freakish weather ! sembra naturale?
A: whether they personally use it or not, it would be viewed as normal speech. Instead of freakish we might also use: freaky, strange, weird, unusual, wacky, or any number of other adjectives that basically mean the same thing in this context.

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