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Q: Che cosa significa four gallons of fizzy drinks TOPPLED OVER?
A: alot of soda fell over
Q: Che cosa significa gallon?
A: Like what vishalversi said but note that Uk and US gallons differ
Q: Che cosa significa I got a gallon of bleach, a tarp and a hacksaw in the truck of my car. what is this sentence supposed to mean ??
A: These seem like the tools a murderer would use 😰 maybe someone is hinting that they can do that.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra [She WAS so thirsty, she COULD have drunk a gallon of water. e [She IS so thirsty, she COULD have drunk a gallon of water. ?
A: The first one is more correct because both 'was' and 'could have' are in the past tense in this case. 'Is' is in the present tense so it doesn't make much sense.

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Q: How much does a gallon of gas actually cost?
A: The price varies each week but typically a gallon cost $2.40 in the U.S
Q: *we still have 2 gallons of milk in the house but they're almost finished so yeah buy more milk.

*the police is behind us so drive carefully.

sembra naturale?
A: the first sentence: the only thing I’d change is say “gone” instead of “finished” - that may also be a dialect difference so it isn’t necessarily incorrect.

*the police is behind us so drive carefully.

as for the second sentence, “is” needs to be “are” because “the police” is a plural noun, so it has to take the plural form - “are”

I hope this helped!
Q: Which one is more natural?

("It" refers to a gallon of water)

1: I'll finish it!
2: I'll kill it!

You would think, but the American said it like this:

A: Is there any more tea?
B: I'm sorry. I killed it.

Isn't it surprising? Maybe it's American slang.
Q: I just filled that gallon with oil , so don't touch it. sembra naturale?
A: “i just filled that up with a gallon of oil, so dont touch it” would be more correct 👍
Q: What is sold in gallon bottles?

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