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Q: Che cosa significa She wears an Asian garment.?
A: garment = clothing
Q: Che cosa significa garment ?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Che cosa significa loose garment?
A: When describing a character in a book, or describing a person to somebody you would say that they are wearing loose garment as a way of telling the person more about their physical appearance. :) I would say it is used every now and then. Haha
Q: Che cosa significa sad-colored garments?
A: @kolijhen: Garments = clothes, but sad colors could mean dull colors such as grey
Q: Che cosa significa garment district?
A: Garment = clothing
District = area

It's an area in LA with a lot of fashion-related stores.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra garment e clothes ?
A: Clothes is a general term. A garment refers to an individual item of clothing.

My friend is coming to visit so you can’t sit here naked. Put some clothes on!

She is a very stylish person. She always wears nice clothes.

This garment is made of silk so it costs more.

Q: Qual è la differenza tra garment e clothing e attire ?
A: A garment is a piece or item of clothing. People don't say "garment" very much; they say clothes or the name of the item, like skirt, slacks, scarf, coat, top. "Attire" is how you are dressed.


The proper dress for the evening concert is formal attire.

Women's garments (or clothing) are located on the 3rd floor of the store.

She wore a garment made of many-colored silk.

I don't have any winter clothes.

Your clothes are so fashionable!

The girl wore only cheap clothing (or clothes) from a second-hand store.

Are there any clothing (or clothes) stores in this mall?

Q: Qual è la differenza tra garment e clothes ?
A: I don't think there's a difference but its common to say clothes
Q: Qual è la differenza tra garment e clothes ?
A: There really isn't much difference. The word garment is a synonym to the word clothes. It's just a fancier way of saying it.
Q: Qual è la differenza tra garment e clothes ?
A: Garment is a piece of clothing. It is very uncommon to hear someone use that word.
"That piece of garment your wearing is very suiting."

Clothes is literally anything. You will most often hear someone use clothes than garments.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Regno Unito)? garment bohat acha he , lekin mujhe fit nahi hua , mera size ke nahi the
A: The dress is nice but the size doesn’t fit me.

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Q: How do you normally call the garment used to cover ur buttock? I have been calling it underwear like forever. I was recently told that underwear also includes bras?? And there’s thermal underwear etc. The garment male used to cover their butts can be called briefs boxers briefs boxers and trunks etc. so I have gotten it all wrong. In Chinese we have word like 内衣which includes all clothes “inside”(briefs included). We also have word内裤which is the one i am so confused right now include briefs,boxers,boxer-briefs,trunks whatever the name is.
A: The word “underwear” includes any garment worn under other clothing. Women’s underwear includes bras and panties. Men’s underwear includes t-shirts (also called under shirts) and underpants (boxers, briefs, etc.). men normally refer to underpants as underwear.
Q: ‎The garment is basically a rectangular cloth folded in half. The front part is split in two and placed around the neck. These two front parts usually have symmetrical motifs. And the back part was divided into small sections and have a hierarchy.
sembra naturale?
A: and the back part [is] divided into small sections and [has] a hierarchy

besides that, good job 👍
Q: This garment covers the trunk up to the hip, with collar and buttons. sembra naturale?
A: I don't really understand what it means. Trunk is rarely used in this context. If you mean the main part of your body I would say "torso". And you can't really cover something with a collar and buttons. You could say something like "This garment covers the torso *down* to the hip and it includes a collar and buttons".
Q: Please be sure that the garment will be delivered within to day ?
sembra naturale?
A: Yes, in general it does.

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