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Q: Qual è la differenza tra gelatin e jelly ?
A: 1 British : a fruit-flavored dessert made with gelatin

2 In the U.S., this kind of dessert is known by the trademark Jell-O.

3 old-fashioned : a food made from meat juices and gelatin:

a meat glaze made with stock and jelly

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Q: How would you describe gelatin?
A: Basically, jello. (I don’t know if that really helps, but I guess there really isn’t a specific way you could describe it)
Q: Besides gelatin, other fining agents for wine are often derived from animal products, such as micronized potassium casseinate (casein is milk protein), egg whites, egg albumin, bone char, bull's blood, isinglass (Sturgeon bladder), PVPP (a synthetic compound), lysozyme, and skim milk powder.
Some aromatized wines contain honey or egg-yolk extract.
A: Oh the last question with the what is a bit hard to explain😂 I guess it's because I answered a question (what does animal produces), I
Could write "animal produces this and that..." but since I used "as in" I needed to add a 'what' to make the reader understand what the topic is. If I had written "as in animal produces" that would mean something different than "as in what animal produces", and grammatically wrong.

Maybe you read produces like product. Then I would be wrong, the correct way to write it would be "as in animal products".

I hope I could explain it, ask me if you still have questions 😉
Q: What does "gelatin" mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer

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