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Q: Che cosa significa "generational struggle"
" This is a generational struggle, one that will likely never end."?
A: a "generational struggle" is either
- 1, "a struggle that is shared by this entire generation together" or
- 2, "a struggle between different generations who not always get along or understand each other."

Those are the two most likely meanings. So whichever meaning fits the context the best.
Q: Che cosa significa This is a generational struggle, one that will likely never end.?
A: Depending on the context, it might mean that this struggle is an important one for this specific generation. It's a struggle that this generation in particular has to deal with.
Q: Che cosa significa generational politics?
A: Thank you!!!
Q: Che cosa significa too much generational?
A: means a large amount that isnt needed

is describing something from a certain time period

I don't know if this helps or not I'm sorry!! :/

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Q: What does "generational" mean as a noun?
A: Ooooh, now that you give me the context, I get it. If you use “the” in front of an adjective, it means a group of people who possess that trait. For example, “the poor” means “the poor people”. So in this case, “the generational” means “people who are born and live in about the same time”
Q: deny the generational flow sembra naturale?
A: Please provide us with the full sentence.

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