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Q: Qual è la differenza tra Gion festival is a famous festival in Kyoto. e Gion festival is a famous festival of Kyoto. ?
A: Use "in Kyoto"

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Q: Gion is said to be originated in a small tea house near Yasaka shrine. The tea house started serving performance like dance about 300years ago.

As it's so good that the tea house was booming, and other people started tea houses after another.

They were built not only near Yasaka shrine but in the neighborhood as well, and the area was developed as it is Gion today little by little.

Overtimes the tea houses spread in the other parts of Kyoto as well and the name "Hanamachi", an entertainment quarter with Geiko, Maiko, got to well known.

The business of Maiko, Gaiko was born like this.

sembra naturale?
A: "Gion is said to have originated from a small tea house near the Yasaka shrine. The tea house started providing their performance like dance about 300 years ago"
"Their service was so good that the tea house was booming with business, which led other people to start building their own tea houses one after another."

"an entertainment quarter with Geiko and Maiko, got to become well known"
"This is how the business of Maiko and Gaiko was born"

I still understood what you said, you were still able to communicate the history of the tea house performance dance.
Q: I went to Gion Festival in Kyoto,Shijo Karasuma.
Today is "Yomiyama".It is climax of the festival.
The each row of central Kyoto city around Karasuma to Kawaramachi has the "Hoko"
The Hoko is like a Mikoshi,but Hoko has tires.They pull the Hoko and walk with it in the street.
Many people that not only Japanese but also tourist all over the world were fun the view of it.
The walk of Hoko was started at 9:00am.
It was cloudy,but not rainy then,so we not feel hot so much.When we go back our house,it began to rain.
We are very lucky. sembra naturale?
A: I went to the Gion Festival in Shijo Karasuma, Kyoto. Today is "Yomiyama," the climax of the festival.
There are "hoko" on each street of Kyoto city from Karasuma to Kawaramachi. [This sentence was a bit unclear for me, so please tell me if this conveys your message]
The Hoko is like a Mikoshi, only Hoko have tires. People pull the Hoko and walk with it in the street.
Japanese people and tourists from around the world alike enjoy the view of the festival.
The Hoko walk started at 9:00am. At the time, it was cloudy but not rainy so we were not so hot. However, when we returned home, it began to rain. We were very lucky.

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