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Q: Che cosa significa What are you being so girlish about all of a sudden??
A: あ、そうか。すまん。

It's an "unknown topic" marker (don't quote me on that). It means you are being girlish "about something". But the something is not mentioned, since it's usually in the context.

Q: Che cosa significa girlish?
A: It can be negative. Saying something is girlish is usually to say that it is light in weight, pink, decorative etc. Not everyone believes in the equality of the sexes. So someone could say it with the intent to offend. Listen to the tone when it is said and if in doubt, ask for clarification.

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Q: Qual è la differenza tra girlish e cute ?
A: Girlish is something aimed towards girls. 女々しいと同じくらい意味なんです。

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Q: Unlike girlish Anne Shirley, Emily Starr has a streak of a boy, sometimes becomes offensive to anyone, and has a definete amibition to become famous in writing in the future.
Though, among Montgomery's works, "Anne of Green Gables" is far more famous, and a well-done classic, I somehow prefer this one.
sembra naturale?
A: Unlike the more feminine Anne Shirley, Emily Starr has a masculine streak. At times, she gets aggressive, and she has a definite amibition to become a famous writer in the future.
Though "Anne of Green Gables" is more famous among Montgomery's works, and though it is a well-done classic, I ultimately prefer [name of the other book].
Q: You look good in girlish outfits. sembra naturale?
A: Thank you, everyone!! :)

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