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Q: Che cosa significa Glo up tho
Ex:Mike and Steve Mitchell's glo up tho?
A: It's short for "glow up, though".

A "glow up" is a (good) overall change in physical appearance, it's when someone looks a lot better now than they did before.

The word "though" in this case is just an informal way to express emphasis (and in this case, awe at their glow up.)

It means Mike and Steve Mitchell now look a lot better, and the speaker is impressed.
Q: Che cosa significa glo up?
A: From

“A twist of the phrase ‘grow up’, referring to a person's incredible transformation. This is usually based on increase of style and self-confidence (and potentially one's squad).”
Q: Che cosa significa a glo up?
A: It means to make yourself prettier. It basically means to make yourself more beautiful than how you looked before.
Q: Che cosa significa glo?
A: Glow - When something emits light. A lightning bug glows.
It can also be used in a figurative way.. Like "She's glowing." That would means she's bright (emiting light), so basically it'd mean she's beautiful. It's a positive and very nice word when used this way.

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Q: Come si dice in Inglese (Stati Uniti)? glo up
A: Check the question to view the answer

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